Unable to elevate error:1814-VLC installation

Feb 19, 2012     184 Comments    Posted under: How To

If you are trying to install VLC 2.0 on your system and you are getting this error “Unable to elevate error:1814″.Then here  is the solution:

Just right click on you VLC setup icon and select “Run as administrator”.It will solve this issue.

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        thank you very much for telling such a easy solution.thakx!!!!!!!!!!

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  • http://www.help2engg.com Pratik

    Hey,I would really thankful to this post…After solving error of VLC,I can also install Fire Fox which shows me previously no error!!!

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  • nicolas

    je fai un clic droit mai il ne se passe rien

    • admin

      Faites un clic droit sur ​​le fichier de configuration et sélectionnez Exécuter en tant qu’administrateur. Espérons que cela fonctionne

  • James Norrington

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  • Amit Gupta

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  • Prithvi

    Your link was luckily prominent on the first search page by google … and the problem is solved. Thanks! What’s the advantage in selecting Mozilla Plugin though … could you advise? Cheers!

    • admin

      Thanks Prithvi.If you select mozilla pluign at the time of installation then it will install a vlc plugin for mozilla firefox also and it will support to play media files inside your browser.So it’s good to select that.

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  • Elie

    Hi! I have the same problem. But I don’t even have a Vlc Icon on my desktop (uninstall). Do you have any suggestion to solve this problem? Thanks!

    • admin

      just open control pannel->add remove programmes or Uninstall programme->then find vlc their and click it and remove.

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  • Jo

    I’m still getting the same error.. what should i do?

    • http://www.thelastweek.in neha

      Hi Jo,
      Please check the error code. If it is not 1814,then let please share the error code.

      • PC

        thanks :-)

      • hasan

        I am having same problem. its ERROR 1814 for sure. and een if i run it as administrator it wont help..please help me out in this.

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    Thanks man, Excellent solution but i want to more about this problem and how did you find the solution of this problem?

  • baba salifu

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  • http://www.yahoo.co.in vishnu

    i tried runnuing as administrator but it did not work any more suggestions

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    gracias por tu informacion, algo muy simple pero que si no tuvieramos informacion como la que montaste, quedariamos sin solucion.


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    Hey,Thanks for helping out by posting this helpful answer,I was just confused what to do after downloading vlc with win 32 but nothing makes out,But this topic of yours has really helped me out,

    Thanks Again for such a nice and helpful post.Thankyou very very much.You are really doing a grt work by helping lot of people.Grt works keep it up my well wishes and regards are with you.


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  • Miguel

    Wow! Been having this problem for the longest time (I was running ver 1.1) and it was frustrating to see new versions coming and being unable to install.

    Such a simple solution to a pesky situation. Thanks!

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  • michael bascomb

    i have windows vista and when i right click the icon nothing happens i cant select to download as administrator

  • Arpit Gupta

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  • akash

    after installation of vlc player, when i open any shortcut in dekstop (like google chrome or youtube downloader) always vlc player open.
    please give me any solution.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/TuhinBagh Tuhin

    thanks admin!!
    but my question is, why that error occurred..?? eve i had disabled UAC on my system..!!

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  • http://www.rightguide.in Mahesh

    Right click on setup – Properties – capability mode – set windows service pack 3 – ok now run it’s working

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  • Suha

    Hey, for me it still comes the same error. What do i do ?

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  • Girish

    Thank You very very much. Earlier i am using windows XP version in my PC. At that time there is no error occurred. But now i am using windows 7. while installing VLC player then is error come. Thank You Very Much to solve this problem

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  • Doug

    Will not work for me and it downloads the 32 bit file when I am operating Win 7/64

    • admin

      Just go to Vlc website and download the correct one for you.Than give it a try.

  • ssss

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  • pris

    amazing. thank you so.

  • Onur

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  • horam

    it didnt solve the issue i still get error 1814..while trying to install vlc plis help!

    • admin

      Please try again with the latest version of the VLC.

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  • Kriss

    After the first problem is solved, installing starts, and secon error comes, cant excract or install something from vlc.exe directory or something like that…. what is the problem now?

    • admin

      just try with the latest version of VLC and let me know.So we can figure out the issue.

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      Please tell us what issue you are facing.

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    Thanks to VLC team

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    Problem Not solved. Does it mean McAfee restriction.

    • admin

      May be it was due to your antivirus.Just try again by disabling your McAfee.

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  • Joe Wilkens

    Didn’t help. Tried 3x, still have the same error message after following the instructions on here to run as administrator. I can also run the notebook pc as the admin & it still won’t update. Thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version…

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  • jun carl

    my vlc cant elevate error 6

  • jun carl

    my vlc cant install because of “elevate error 6″

    • admin

      i think the solution written in this post works for you also.All these errors normally comes due User Account Control issues only.So just try this solution if not works than please let us know, what OS and version of VLC you are using.

  • jack ammo

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    Oh ,,,,dear it realy works ,thanks
    but can you tell me why this error occured?

    • cpeeyush

      it was a bug in vlc 2.0

  • Lady A.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/satish.raju.39108 Satish Raju

    Thank you very much. What I don’t understand is although I was in in Administrator Account, why I need to use this option to overcome Error 1814

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    It w orks

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    Hey m also not able to install any version(2) of VLC.
    Getting a same error as u mentioned above.
    i already run it as a admin. but still it showing.
    Please suggest.

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